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Unofficial implementation of the mollie-reseller API for node. This library is a straight forward port of some of the example php scripts supplied by Mollie.

All available methods are supported, you should, however, always check the results for any validation errors reported by Mollie, as this module does not check for required parameters.

You must sign up as a re-seller in order to access the full documentation. Currently this documentation is not disclosed publicly.


Mollie is a Payment Service Provider from the Netherlands. They allow you to create new customers trough their re-seller API as part of your platform integration.

The following API methods are supported:

  • account-claim
  • account-create
  • account-edit
  • account-valid
  • available-payment-methods
  • bankaccount-edit
  • bankaccounts
  • profile-create
  • profiles


The folowing is an example of how to create a new Mollie account for your customer. You will need to sign up for a mollie account and the reseller program in order to retrieve the correct credentials.

    var Reseller = require('../lib/reseller');
    var api = new Reseller({
        partner_id: '<MOLLIE_PARTNER_ID>',
        profile_key: '<MOLLIE_PROFILE_KEY>',
        app_secret: '<MOLLIE_APP_SECRET>'
        username: 'my_customer',
        name: 'John Doe',
        email: '',
        address: 'Damstraat 1',
        zipcode: '1011AB',
        city: 'Amsterdam',
        country: '1',
        testmode: true,
    }, function(err, result) {


  1. I am in no way affilated with Mollie, except that I have joined their reseller API ;-)
  2. This module does not implement the actual payment backend - there are others


Copyright 2014 Matthijs van Henten. GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007