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Moles Packer

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Moles Packer is a light-weighted builder for React Native projects. You can create bundle(s), including a common (basic) bundle and one or more business bundles, from a standard React Native proejct. If pre-built common bundle supplied, you can also create business bundle from a stripped project (without ios, android, node_modules etc.).

Moles Packer is one of the key members in the Moles's tool chain.

Together with growing React Native, Moles Packer is also under continuous development and improvement, see ChangeLog for more details.

React Native Versions Supported

  • 0.28.0-rc0
  • 0.28.0
  • 0.29.0
  • 0.30.0-rc0
  • 0.37.0 *

* means this version got limited support.



# install globally
npm install -g moles-packer
# command created
moles-packer -v
moles-packer-common -v

Run In CLI

# create an
react-native init rn28 --version 0.28.0
# build the project by Moles Packer
moles-packer \
    --input ./rn28 \
    --entry index.ios.js \
    --output ./build \
    --bundle \

Node.js API

var mp = require('moles-packer');
var options = {
    'input'   : './rn28',
    'entry'   : 'index.ios.js',
    'output'  : './build',
    'bundle'  : true
mp.pack(options, function(err) {
    // !err means build success. 

User Manual

About Us

Moles is developed and maintained by Framework R&D from

Any questions, please send mail to

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