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    moleculer-fake NPM version

    Fake data generator by Fakerator


    npm install moleculer-fake --save


    "use strict";
    const { ServiceBroker } = require("moleculer");
    const broker = new ServiceBroker();
    broker.createService(require("moleculer-fake"), { settings: { locale: "es-ES" }});
    // Generate a full name"").then(console.log);
    /* Result: "Soledad Lozada Tejada" */
    // Generate 5 numbers between 0 and 20"fake.number", { max: 20, times: 5 }).then(console.log);
    /* Result: [ 18, 4, 16, 11, 11 ] */
    // Generate 5 unique number between 0 and 10"fake.number", { max: 10, utimes: 5 }).then(console.log);
    /* Result: [ 5, 1, 4, 8, 0 ] */
    // Generate a user name in a specified locale"", { locale: "ru-RU"}).then(console.log);
    /* Result: "Лобанова Матвей Николаевна" */
    // Generate a complete user object"fake.user").then(console.log);
    /* Result:
            firstName: 'Marsha',
            lastName: 'Berge',
            userName: 'marsha_berge35',
            password: 'huhefehuje',
            email: '',
            phone: '319.071.6645 x2269',
            dob: 2005-04-07T17:10:26.030Z,
            website: '',
            ip: '',
            avatar: '',
            gravatar: '',
            { country: 'Tristan da Cunha',
                countryCode: 'TA',
                state: 'Utah',
                city: 'Carrollview',
                street: '317 Veum Lakes Apt. 459',
                zip: '10032',
                geo: { latitude: -57.1798, longitude: -64.1921 } },
            status: false

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    Property Description
    locale Initial locale to Fakerator (Available values: cs-CZ, de-DE, en-AU, en-CA, es-ES, fr-FR, hu-HU, it-IT, nb-NO, pl-PL, ru-RU, sk-SK, sv-SE)
    seed Initial seed value to Fakerator


    Name Params Result Description
    fake.boolean likelihoodPercent Boolean Generate a random boolean
    fake.number min, max Number Generate a random number
    fake.digit - Number Generate a digit (0..9)
    fake.letter - String Generate a letter (a..z)
    fake.arrayElement array any Give a random element from the array
    fake.objectElement object Object Give a random { key: value } from the object
    fake.masked mask String Generate a masked string ( a - lowercase letter, A - uppercase letter, 9 - digit, * - letter or digit)
    fake.hex length String Generate a random hexadecimal number
    fake.string length String Generate a random string - String Generate a full name
    fake.nameM - String Generate a male full name (*)
    fake.nameF - String Generate a female full name (*)
    fake.firstName - String Generate a first name
    fake.firstNameM - String Generate a male first name (*)
    fake.firstNameF - String Generate a female first name (*)
    fake.lastName - String Generate a last name
    fake.lastNameM - String Generate a male last name (*)
    fake.lastNameF - String Generate a female last name (*)
    fake.prefix - String Generate a name prefix
    fake.suffix - String Generate a name suffix
    fake. - String Generate a name suffix - String Give a random country name
    fake.countryCode - String Give a random country code
    fake.countryAndCode - Object Give a random country object - String Give a random city
    fake.street - String Give a random street address
    fake.streetName - String Give a random street name
    fake.buildingNumber - String Give a random building number
    fake.postCode - String Give a random post code
    fake.geoLocation - Object Give a random geolocation
    fake.altitude - String Give a random altitude
    fake.phoneNumber - String Generate a random phone number
    fake.companyName - String Generate a random company name
    fake.companySuffix - String Generate a random company name suffix
    fake.companySuffix - String Generate a random company name suffix
    fake.userName firstName, lastName String Generate a random username
    fake.password - String Generate a random password
    fake.domain - String Generate a domain name
    fake.url - String Generate an URL firstName, lastName String Generate an email address
    fake.image width, height, category String Generate an image URL
    fake.mac - String Generate a MAC address
    fake.ip - String Generate an IPv4 address
    fake.ipv6 - String Generate an IPv6 address
    fake.color - String Generate a random color
    fake.avatar - String Give a random avatar URL
    fake.gravatar email String Generate a gravatar URL
    fake.word - String Give a random word
    fake.sentence - String Generate a sentence
    fake.paragraph - String Generate a paragraph
    fake.uuid - String Generate an UUID
    fake.user gender String Generate a User entity
    fake.address - String Generate an Address entity - String Generate a Company entity - String Generate a Post entity
    fake.populate template String Populate a template string

    (*) - if supported by localization


    $ npm test

    In development with watching

    $ npm run ci


    The project is available under the MIT license.


    Copyright (c) 2016-2019 MoleculerJS

    @moleculerjs @MoleculerJS


    npm i moleculer-fake

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