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Mojito Resource Store Hotswap plugin

Build Status

Build Status


In your app's package.json, add the mojito-rs-addon package as a dependency.

This package contains a set of Mojito Resource Store addons. Their role is to monitor changes in Mojito resources to dynamically update the necessary Resource Store meta-data and see the changes reflected in your application without having to restart the node process.

Currently, only resources containing YUI modules (e.g, controllers) are supported. In the future, we should add an addon that can handle changes in configuration files as well.

This addon can be enabled by setting resourceStore.hotswap to true in your application static configuration. However, it is strongly recommended to enable this plugin only on developer boxes!

Mojito allows you to disable the view cache, which you may want to configure on developer boxes as well:

"viewEngine": {
    "cacheTemplates": false