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This package provides the profiler command for the mojito-cli tool. To install:

npm install -g mojito-cli
npm install -g mojito-cli-profiler

Set Up

Your app's application.json file should have a perf config object, like:

"perf": {
    "timeline": true,
    "mark": true

You can also specify the output pathname in this config object like "logFile": "/tmp/perf.log",

Start your mojito application like

mojito start --perf <logfilename>

Make server requests, then hit ctrl-C.


After the preparation described above, there should be file created by the name provided above. To generate the perfomrance graph, you can now do:

mojito profiler --input <logfilename>

Licensing and Contributions

This software is free to use under the Yahoo! Inc. BSD license. See LICENSE.txt.