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convert generic javascript into amd and commonJs loadable modules

Turn your generic JavaScript files into loadable modules.

` var modulizer = require("modulize-generic-js"); var someSourceCodeStr = "var x = 'something'"; console.log( modulizer.convertCode(someSourceCodeStr, { "return": "x" }) );

var sourceFileName = "/somejs.js" var destFileName = "/modules/some/somejs.js"

modulizer.convertFile(sourceFileName, { require: [{ module: "/othermodule/main" , as: "otherVariable" }, "/othermodule/justload-dontrefer"] , "return": "moduleVariable" }, destFileName, function(err, data){}); `

the result will contain a header that is supposed to autodetect weather it is being loaded as AMD by the presence of a define function or as a commonJs module.