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Usage statistics for Node.js modules.

This module has been deprecated and replaced with the Concurix Node.js tracer module


This is a utility library used by concurix-monitor. We suggest you check out that library as it will automatically apply this wrapper with logic for integration with the Concurix service.


Initializes a tracer for an individual module mod with name (typically the name used in the invocation of require).

The following options are suported:

  • accountKey your account key, data is collected and analyzed per account key
  • archiveInterval time in milliseconds for sending data to the cloud for analysis and visualization. Defaults to 60000 for NODE_ENV=production, 2000 (2 seconds) otherwise.

Blacklists the given object, so that no tracing is performed.

Stops tracing, clears any cached data, and starts again.

Starts tracing any wrapped objects.

Stops tracing.