Dead simple library which helpes with modalar testing. Provides Node.js's require replacement. Designed to work with Karma test runner.


Modula is dead simple library which helps with modular testing. I was needed it for Node.js's require replacement to use with Karma test runner.

  1. Define module:
# ... 
if modula?
else if module?
  module.exports = Lisn
  window.Lisn = Lisn
  1. Use it in specs:
Lisn = require('lisn')
# ... 
  1. That's it!

modula avaliable as npm and bower json.

modula is a global namespace.

Saves exports associated with passed module name.


Returns module associated with name. Also avaliable as window.require.

Backbone = require('backbone')

If module is not found, modula will throw exception.