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This is an opinionated simple mongoose connection package. It assumes:

  • you're using modreal/config and have a config/mongo.json with db urls
  • you're using modreal/logger for logging with loggly

It handles closing the connection when the script is killed, and giving error messages when it can't connect.

How To Use

Create a config/mongo.json file, and add to it something like:

  "development": "mongodb://localhost:27017/dev_db",
  "test": "mongodb://localhost:27017/test_db"

Then install mongoose-connection:

$ npm install modreal/mongoose-connection --save

Require it, and add your callback to the connection:

// javascript 
var connection = require("modreal-mongoose-connection");
connection.on("connected", function() {
  // start app 
# coffeescript 
connection = require 'modreal-mongoose-connection'
connection.on 'connected'->
  # start app 

The package checks for a global mongoose library as well.

global.mongoose = require('mongoose')
// later
connection.mongoose == global.mongoose



AJ Ostrow, November 2013