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Modern Boilerplate for Single Page Applications
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Check out our Demo of the distribution build.


  • Gulp with full ES6 support for task definition
  • JSPM Package Manager for client side package management
  • PostCSS for advanced CSS features, automatic prefixes and compression
  • Best in class CSS compression with CSS-O
  • Linting JavaScript sources with ESLint
  • VueJS for client side view management and components
  • Support for .vue-files for seamless component-driven development
  • Support live-editing and -reloading of all files types incl. css, js, vue components.
  • VueRouter navigation inside a VueJS application
  • Vuex application architecture for centralized state management
  • Vuex Validator for (simple and complex) centralized state validation
  • CSS Modules for preventing conflicts between VueJS components
  • Support SugarSS for all imports (even mixed file types)
  • Linting of CSS source files based on stylelint
  • System notifications using node-notifier for updates on rebuilding/errors.
  • Automatic deployment builds using the magic of AssetGraph with full support for hashed asset names.
  • Integration of UI testing based on CasperJS and PhantomJS (Webkit-based) / SlimerJS (Gecko-based)
  • Dynamic SVG optimization for inlined SVG graphics/icons.
  • Adds information about Git revision to all HTML files.
  • Favicon hashing + additional IE fallback support

Features - Not Done

  • Asset Management
  • Font System PostCSS Plugin
  • Layout Selector PostCSS Plugin
  • Web Font Integration
  • Automatic SVG Sprite Sheets
  • Testing Integration mit Karma Testrunner
  • API documentation generator
  • Deployment with Support for SRI (Subresource Integrity)


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