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modern-errors plugin to handle errors in CLI modules.

This adds BaseError.exit(error) which logs error then exits the process.

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Adding the plugin to modern-errors.

import ModernError from 'modern-errors'

import modernErrorsCli from 'modern-errors-cli'

export const BaseError = ModernError.subclass('BaseError', {
  plugins: [modernErrorsCli],
// ...

Calling BaseError.exit(error) in the CLI's top-level error handler.

const cliMain = () => {
  try {
    // ...
  } catch (error) {
    // Logs `error` then exits the process



npm install modern-errors-cli

This package requires Node.js >=18.18.0.

This is an ES module. It must be loaded using an import or import() statement, not require(). If TypeScript is used, it must be configured to output ES modules, not CommonJS.



Type: Plugin

Plugin object to pass to the plugins option of ErrorClass.subclass().


error: any

Logs error on the console (stderr) then exits the process.

This never throws. Invalid errors are silently normalized.


Type: object

🚨 exitCode

Type: integer
Default: 1

Process exit code.

Note: when passing invalid options, the exit code is always 125.

📕 stack

Type: boolean
Default: true

Whether to log the error's stack trace.

📢 props

Type: boolean
Default: true

Whether to log the error's additional properties.

🔕 silent

Type: boolean
Default: false

Exits the process without logging anything on the console.

🖍️ colors

Type: boolean
Default: true in terminals, false otherwise

Whether to colorize the error's message, stack trace and additional properties.

Quoted strings in the error's message are printed in bold (for "..." and '...') and in italic (for `...`).

❌ icon

Type: string
Default: 'cross'

Icon prepended to the error's name. The available values are listed here. Can be disabled by passing an empty string.

💄 header

Type: string
Default: 'red bold'

Color/style of the error's icon and name. The available values are listed here. Several styles can be specified by using spaces. Can be disabled by passing an empty string.

🚒 timeout

Type: integer (in milliseconds)
Default: 5000 (5 seconds)

The process exits gracefully: it waits for any ongoing tasks (callbacks, promises, etc.) to complete, up to a specific timeout.

Special values:

  • 0: Exits right away, without waiting for ongoing tasks
  • Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY: Waits for ongoing tasks forever, without timing out


Options can apply to (in priority order):

export const BaseError = ModernError.subclass('BaseError', {
  plugins: [modernErrorsCli],
  cli: options,
export const InputError = BaseError.subclass('InputError', { cli: options })
throw new InputError('...', { cli: options })
BaseError.exit(error, options)

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