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Protection for mass-assignment vulnerabilities for modella.


$ component install modella/protection
$ npm install modella-protection


Methods affected

modella-protection provides model#protectedSet to set attributes using protection.

Protection mode

Protection can be used in either a whitelist or blacklist mode. In white list mode, only attributes with protected: false are able to be set by mass assignment. In black list mode, only variables with protected: true will be filtered from mass-assignment. The default is blacklist mode.

Model.whiteListProtection = true //Switch from the default to whitelist mode.

Defining Attributes

To protect a field, pass in the protected: true option.

User.attr('username').attr('admin', { protected: true });

Setting Fields

var user = new User();
var changedFields = user.protectedSet({username: 'Bobby', admin: true});
// Changed fields = {username: 'Bobby'};
user.get('admin') === undefined // true

Nested Objects

User.attr('preferences', { type: 'object', protected: { modifiedAt: true }});

var user = new User();

  preferences: { sendEmails: true, sendSms: true, modifiedAt: new Date() }

user.preferences().modifiedAt === undefined // true
user.preferences().sendEmails == true // true