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modella plugin for leveldb


LevelDB plugin for modella.

npm install modella-leveldb
var model = require('modella');
var level = require('modella-leveldb')('./mydb');
var uid = require('uid');
var User = model('user')
 * Initialize
var user = new User;
    .password('test'); {

Initialize leveldb with a path to the database. If path doesn't exist, it will be created. options will be passed through to levelup

Alternatively, you can pass your own level db instance in.

Create a secondary index using leveldex. You may ensure that key is unique by passing unique : true in opts.

User.index('email', { unique: true });

Get all models (static method)

Find a model (static method).

If you provide a secondary index, you can search by that key:

Model.find({ email: '' } , fn);

Save the model (instance method)

Remove the model (instance method)

All options will be passed through to levelup.