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A simple JavaScript library for scheduling application modes to run across various time ranges.


npm install mode-time


To import, use require:

const { ModeTimes } = require('mode-time')

To manage various modes and their times, first instantiate a ModeTimes object

const times = new ModeTimes()

Then add mode times by specifying a name and a time using 24-hour notation:

times.put('light-theme', 7)  // a light theme mode, scheduled for 7:00:00am
times.put('dark-theme', 13, 23, 44)  // a dark theme mode, scheduled for 1:23:44pm
times.put('sepia-theme', 23, 59) // a sepia theme mode, scheduled for 11:59:00pm
times.putTimeString('gray-theme', '10:30:38') // a gray theme scheduled for 10:30:38am
  • Accepted hours must range between 0 and 23, inclusive, where 0 is 12:00am and 23 is 11:00pm.
  • Accepted minutes must range between 0 and 59, inclusive
  • The ModeTimes class also provides methods for removing modes, checking if a mode exists in the collection, and more. See the class definition in mode-times.js.

Finally, pass the time of the day to the getModeByTime method to determine which mode to switch to:

// we want to find the mode whose range covers the time 2:01:22pm
let mode = times.getModeByTime(14, 1, 22) 
// returns { 'name': 'dark-theme', 'hour': 13, 'minute':  23, 'seconds': 44}

Example use case

Whenever an application stipulates certain modes to run across specific time ranges, this can be helpful. I currently use this for a Chrome extension to switch between colored themes depending on the time of day, using alarms.


npm i mode-time

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