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    ModClean Benchmark Utility

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    Quickly run a benchmark test for ModClean. I started to get tired of manually running benchmark tests, so I threw together this small Node script that does it for you.

    Note that version 2.0.0 is for ModClean 2.x, if you want to benchmark the old version, use version 1.0.0 of this module.


    npm install modclean-benchmark -g


    Once installed globally, you will have access to modclean-benchmark through command line.

    modclean-benchmark [options]


    These are the available flags/options for modclean-benchmark.

    -n, --patterns [patterns]

    Specify which pattern plugins/rules to use. Separate multiple groups by a single comma (no spaces). Default is default:safe. Example: modclean-benchmark -n default:safe,default:caution

    -m, --modules [modules]

    Specify which npm modules to use for the benchmark. Multiple modules should be separated by a single comma (no spaces). Default is express,lodash,moment,async. Example: modclean-benchmark -m express,underscore,numeral,fs-extra

    -a, --additional-patterns [patterns]

    Specify additional custom glob patterns to use along with the patterns that are loaded from -n.
    Example: modclean-benchmark --additional-patterns="*.html,contributing*"

    -I, --ignore [patterns]

    Specify glob patterns to ignore while searching for files. Useful if a prexisting pattern matches a module name you do not want removed.
    Example: modclean-benchmark --ignore="npm-license-lookup"

    -s, --case-sensitive

    Enable case sensitive checking when locating files based on the patterns.


    Disable removal of directories.


    Exclude dot files from being removed.

    -k, --keep-empty

    Prevents removal of empty directories.


    Do not create a log file when the process is complete.


    Turn off post-modclean cleanup process. By default, this script will cleanup the modules downloaded from npm after the process is complete and the benchmarks are ran, if you would rather keep the files, use this flag.

    Submitting Benchmarks

    Feel free to submit benchmark results in the proper format in the ModClean repository by creating a pull request.


    Licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE in the repository for the full text.


    npm i modclean-benchmark

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