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    Temporarily overrides the command line arguments. This is useful for testing.


    # npm
    $ npm install mock-argv
    # Yarn
    $ yarn add mock-argv


    const mockArgv = require('mock-argv')
    test('works', async () => {
      mockArgv(['foo', 'bar'], () => {
        //> process.argv = [
        //>   'path-to-node',
        //>   'path-to-current-script',
        //>   'foo',
        //>   'bar',
        //> ]
      //> process.argv = ['path-to-node', 'path-to-current-script', '...other-params']
      // Also works for async functions


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    See also

    • output-files: Output a tree of files and directories by providing an object. Especially useful for testing with real files.
    • with-local-tmp-dir: Creates a temporary folder inside cwd, cds inside the folder, runs a function, and removes the folder. Especially useful for testing.
    • expect-mocha-image-snapshot: A wrapper around jest-image-snapshot that makes it compatible to Mocha.
    • jest-image-matcher: A Jest matcher for image comparisons based on pixelmatch. Can also be used with Mocha. Useful for visual regression testing.
    • unify-mocha-output: Adjusts a Mocha output so that it is consistent across platforms and can be used for snapshot testing. Basically adjusts the checkmark symbol and removes time values.


    MIT License © Sebastian Landwehr


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