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Yet Another Mocha Reporter

A Mocha test reporter designed to be more useful for continuous testing, including:

  1. Running counts of passed / failed / total tests
  2. Wrapping of console.log so that:
    1. You can actually see logs
    2. They don't interfere with live counts (much)
    3. You can tell where the logs come from (!!)
  3. Mad colorz, yo!
  4. Enable timing of tests:
    1. Via config: time: "test,total"
      • test will output timing after every test, so you'll lose the continual feel
      • total will output total test time at the end of the run
    2. Via environment variables: TIME_TEST and TIME_TOTAL
      • you can use the special values "true", "false", "1" and "0" or any truthy value
    3. Environment variables override config, if the config exists

What you get

  • Yet another Mocha reporter
  • Happy tests run past with minimal output
  • Sad tests are reported at the end of the run (or immediately, if impatient is set)
  • Output from tests is labelled with the test which creates the output
    • Never wonder again where that stray console.log is!
    • Output can be suppressed per-test via suppressOutputFrom
  • console.error output is highlighted with white-on-red

See the test gulpfile in this repo for configuration examples

Example output:

Happy path

Happy output

Mixed path

Mixed output

What you don't get

Any kind of guarantee that this is the code you're looking for

What you can do

  1. Keep all pieces if it breaks
  2. Modify and redistribute it, with kudos, of course

Why? There are so many other reporters!

You're right. None that I found gave me (karma / jasmine)-like feedback whilst running. No runner that I've seen helps you to hunt down rogue console.log() calls. Other than that, this is totally pointless. Feel free to tell your friends how pointless it is! They will surely be impressed.


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