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mocha-ui-exports Build Status

A export-style UI for mocha. One that Rocks!

Why? whats wrong with the built-in exports?

  • it does not allow deffinition of timeouts for suites (and why should I do it in every test function)
  • it does not allow string values as comments for pending test-titles
  • it ignores pending / suspended tests or suites : does not count them and does not include them in the report

Isn't that a pitty... No wonder that everybody resorts to the BDD define(function(){ }) style and put up with the scuffold it puts on. I mean, I just want to define a suite, it does not even have it's own scope, why must I have to declare a function for it (one that helplessly becomes a closure)?

What else?

  • added a utility for readability - block( fHandler ) that allows to declare variables local to the suite the following way:
module.exports = 
{ "my cool module" : 
  block( function() {
    var localvar = "local";
    return { 
      "test that foo "  : function() { ... },
      "test that bar "  : function() { ... }

basically it's the equivalent of

module.exports = 
{ "my cool module" : 
  ( function() {
    var localvar = "local";
    return { 
      "test that foo "  : function() { ... },
      "test that bar "  : function() { ... }

But I find the first variant more readable.

I also expose for you the lib should as a require context variable named Should, so you don't have to require it for exists, throws, and other static asserters available on it.

Maybe it should be SHOULD if to take the GLOBALS convention. ...I'm not sure about this part - I can even be convinced to remove it, but for now, this is how we work.


npm install mocha-ui-exports --save-dev

like, duh...? ;)

(oh, --save-dev is just an option, however, I don't think you want your users to install it... )



like, duh...? ;)

(oh, well, maybe I could optimize the package with .npmignore, but it's only few not so big files, and it's anyway meant to be installed only on dev envs... so... besides, should I force you to use git to be able to run the tests? )


  1. through pull-requests.
  2. Please run the tests before you submit
  3. If you find a bug of case that is not covered in a test - please add the test as well as solving it.

like, duh...? ;)

(oh, I repeat myself when under stress... but I promise to behave, really.)


Currently, the docs are in form of self-explanatory BDD tests.

Don't be afraid of the code.

Here : ./test/how-to-use

And I have to ask your pardon - most of the references are more clear by reading the code, but some are clearer by reading the outpot of the spec reporter. So you should read both.

mocha test/how-to-use

like, duh...? ;)

Change Notes


  • does not support node 0.8 because the way should grew :( techincally it works, but I don't have a way to test that without messing with the package.json just for this env.

1.0.0 and 1.0.1

  • let the user decide what verison of should to use (peer-dependency)
  • this versions were published in mistake, despite the fact that the build on node 0.8 failed

versions prior to 1.x

  • worked, used should < 0.6, tested on node 0.8 and node 0.10



Have fun, really.