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Testrail Reporter for Mocha

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Pushes test results into Testrail system.


$ npm install mocha-testrail-reporter --save-dev


Ensure that your testrail installation API is enabled and generate your API keys. See

Run mocha with mocha-testrail-reporter:

$ mocha test --reporter mocha-testrail-reporter --reporter-options,,password=12345678,projectId=1,suiteId=1

or use a mocha.options file

mocha --opts mocha-testrail.opts build/test
--reporter mocha-testrail-reporter

Mark your mocha test names with ID of Testrail test cases. Ensure that your case ids are well distinct from test descriptions.

it("C123 C124 Authenticate with invalid user", . . .
it("Authenticate a valid user C321", . . .

Only passed or failed tests will be published. Skipped or pending tests will not be published resulting in a "Pending" status in testrail test run.


domain: string domain name of your Testrail instance (e.g. for a hosted instance

username: string user under which the test run will be created (e.g. jenkins or ci)

password: string password or API token for user

projectId: number projet number with which the tests are associated

suiteId: number suite number with which the tests are associated

assignedToId: number (optional) user id which will be assigned failed tests