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Mocha Service

An Express service that can be used for testing client side applications with Mocha and Chai.

Build Status

The service dynamically creates the Mocha test.html file. The file can be accessed at http://localhost:9002/test/index.html (or whatever port you choose to run it on).


# Install into project (as dev dependency) 
$ npm install mocha-service --save-dev
# Install globally 
$ npm install mocha-service -g

Usage Embedded

mochaService sets up the tests under /test/index.html

var app = express();
if (app.get('env') === 'test') {
  var mochaService = require('mocha-service');
  mochaService(app, {
      appRoot: path.join(__dirname, 'app'),
      appFile: '/index.html',
      srcPattern: '/assets/scripts/*.js',
      testPattern: '/assets/scripts/test/*.js',
      libPattern: '/assets/scripts/lib/*.js',
      cssPattern: '/assets/stylesheets/*.css',
      globals: ['$']

Available options to mochaService are:

  • app An instance of an Express application.
  • options
  • appRoot: The path to the directory with the client files (./public)
  • appFile: The URL of an html file to include the body of * (null)
  • srcPattern: Glob pattern to find source files (/scripts/*.js)
  • testPattern: Glob pattern to find test files (/scripts/test/*.js)
  • libPattern: Glob pattern to find lib files (/scripts/lib/*.js)
  • globals: Global variables that mocha ignores

Usage standalone

$ bin/mocha-service --help
Starts a client test server.
Usage: node ./bin/mocha-service
  --help     This information
  --root     The root directory of the client files (./public)
  --src      Glob pattern for source files (/scripts/*.js)
  --test     Glob pattern for test files (/scripts/test/*.js)
  --lib      Glob pattern for lib files (/scripts/lib/*.js)
  --css      Glob pattern for css files (/stylesheets/*.css)
  --globals  Globals mocha should ignore (none)
  --html     A html file whose body will be included in the file (none)
  --port     The port of the server (env.PORT || 9002)


If you want to run the test in a command line interface, I recommend mocha-phantom-js.