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Tools for running mocha tests on saucelabs. You can use this programatically or as a CLI.

Wiring up your tests

To wire up your test you'll need to include the browser.js file that's in this repository. I suggest you rename it something like mocha-sauce.js and then add a script tag:

<script src="mocha-sauce.js"></script>

Then modify your html file for tests so that is replace with mochaSauce(mocha).run(). That way the stream of results will be made available to this client.


Usage: mocha-sauce [options]


-h, --help output usage information
-V, --version output the version number
-B, --browser [name] The browser to test on
-I, --iteration [number] The browser version to test with
-O, --operating-system [name] The operating sytem to test with
-L, --list [by] List available versions/operating-systems/browsers rather than actually testing them

You can