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This CLI tool allows to organize mocha tests in files and directories. It works by traversing the test directory recursively, creating describe blocks per directory and tests per *.test.js file.


$ npm install mocha-per-file

# Yarn
$ yarn add mocha-per-file


Setup the directory structure

|- src
|- test
   |- api
   |  |- empty-input.test.js
   |  |- array.test.js
   |  |- exception.test.js
   |- cli
      |- args.test.js
      |- options.test.js

Writing the tests

// empty-input.test.js

const expect = require('expect')

// simple test
module.exports = () => expect(1).toEqual(1)

// test with timeout
module.exports = {
  it: expect(1).toEqual(2),
  timeout: 5000,

// test only this file
module.exports = {
  it: expect(1).toEqual(2),
  only: true,

Calling mocha-per-file

In npm test in package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "test": "mocha-per-file"

Via bash:

$ npx mocha-per-file

  ✓ empty-input
  ✓ array
  ✓ exception

  ✓ args
  ✓ options

Specifying the root directory to search for tests:

$ npx mocha-per-file --path special-tests

Passing parameters to mocha

Some mocha parameters are also supported and can be passed through. For information on this, check out mocha-per-file --help.

$ npx mocha-per-file --require @babel/register

If more are needed feel free to open an issue or a PR! 😃

Execute only some tests

You can execute only some of the tests by providing a filename or glob. Please mind that the path has to be relative to the specified test folder.

$ npx mocha-per-file empty-input.test.js
$ npx mocha-per-file api/*

Changing directories

It is possible to tell mocha-per-file to chdir into the directory of each test file when running the tests via the --chdir parameter:

$ npx mocha-per-file --chdir

This makes it much easier to work with local fixtures:

// files.test.js

const expect = require('expect')
const { readFile } = require('fs-extra')

// process.cwd() is now in the test directory
module.exports = async () => expect(await readFile('foo.txt', 'utf8')).toEqual('foo')

Using with-local-tmp-dir

with-local-tmp-dir is a package that allows us to create a temporary folder inside a given directory and remove it after having finished a callback. This makes it the perfect tool to run file-based tests. The following snippet illustrates this:

// files.test.js

const expect = require('expect')
const { writeFile, readFile } = require('fs-extra')

module.exports = () => withLocalTmpDir(async () => {
  await writeFile('foo.txt', 'foo')
  expect(await readFile('foo.txt', 'utf8')).toEqual('foo')


Unless stated otherwise all works are:

Copyright © Sebastian Landwehr

and licensed under:

MIT License


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