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Test Node.js applications on mobile devices.

Mocha-mobile runs mocha-compatible tests within a mobile device.

Supports only Android for now.



You'll need a macOS or Linux development machine, and a physical Android device.

You'll need Android Studio installed on your development Machine, alongside Java, Gradle, the Android 8.0 (Android SDK Platform 26), Android SDK Build Tools v26.0.1, Android SDK Tools, Android SDK Platform-Tools, NDK version >=17 and CMake.

You should set the Environment variables required to build Android Applications from the command line: the ANDROID_HOME variable pointing to your android-sdk path and the ANDROID_NDK_HOME variable pointing to the installed NDK path (it usually is $ANDROID_HOME/ndk-bundle) . You should also add $ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools, $ANDROID_HOME/tools and $ANDROID_HOME/tools/bin to the PATH environment variable.


You'll need a macOS development machine, an iOS arm64 physical device running iOS 11.0 or greater and a valid iOS Development certificate installed.

iOS tests depend on the ios-deploy tool for installing and running the test app. You can install it by using npm:

npm install -g ios-deploy@1.9.2


mocha-mobile have to be installed locally

npm i --save-dev mocha-mobile

Run tests

Quick example

mocha-mobile -a android --timeout 10000

Mocha-mobile CLI inherits Mocha CLI with additional parameters:

-a, --arch <architecture> - Required. Architecture to run test (android|ios).
--ignore <pattern> - Files pattern to ignore during mobile app assembling. Like `**/build/*`.
--onlyprep - Only prepare test, don't run it
--onlyrun - Only run test, don't prepare it (test has to be prepared)

Additional file exceptions may be specified in .mmignore

How it works

It uses precompiled libraries for mobile devices to run node.js code. Mocha-mobile command proceeds the following steps:

  • deploys native app with precompiled library and Node.js application as a zipped asset to a device
  • unzips a Node.js application within device and executes Mocha over it
  • displays tests results in a host terminal


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


npm i mocha-mobile

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