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Given When Then for mocha


mocha-gwt is a proud rewrite of mocha-given, which is a shameless port of Justin Searls' jasmine-given. As everyone of course knows, jasmine-given is a shameless tribute to Jim Weirichs' terrific rspec-given gem

If you are not aware of any of the mentioned projects, I recommend Justin Searl's video Javascript Testing Tactics and the documentation to jasmine-given. In time I will most likely write documentation for this myself.

Why yet another "given"-project?

I have been using jasmine and jasmine-given for a while but I found myself more and more favouring mocha over jasmine. I find mocha to be a more mature test runner and it seems to have greater performance. I was also bothered by some bugs in jasmine-given and mocha-given. Furthermore I wanted to utalize the promise support that exists in mocha. After looking at the code, and figuring out by hand how to write mocha interfaces, I came to the conclusion that a complete re-write where I had full fredom to experiment was the best solution. I now believe that I was right.

Differences from jasmine-given and mocha-given

  • Promise support. When -> Promise.resolve('foo').then (@result) => will make @result available in the following Then
  • Invariants will fail if you strictly return false just like Then and And
  • Invariants are enough to run a test
describe 'myFunction', ->

  When -> @result = myFunction @input
  Invariant -> @result == ''

  describe 'should return an empty string for undefined input'
    Given -> @input = ''

  describe 'should return an empty string for null input'
    Given -> @input = null
  • Multiple Then functions in the same describe will act just like Then, And, And... I.e it will not rerun the Given and When functions that belong to the suite. This might be changed to follow the standard. But I have myself never encountered a test where non-repetition was not the desire.


  1. Install: npm i -D mocha-gwt
  2. Run mocha with it: mocha --ui mocha-gwt
  3. To use with coffee-script do mocha --ui mocha-gwt --require coffee-script --compilers coffee:coffee-script/register




npm i mocha-gwt

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