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Mocha-given is a mocha interface that helps you write cleaner specs using Given, When, Then and And. It is a shameless port of Justin Searls' jasmine-given which is a tribute to Jim Weirich's terrific rspec-given gem.

Example Specs

describe 'assigning stuff to this'->
    Given -> @number = 24
    When  -> @number++
    And   -> @number *= 2
    Then  -> @number == 50
describe 'assigning stuff to variables'->
    subject = null
    Given -> subject = []
    When  -> subject.push('foo')
    Then  -> subject.length == 1
describe 'Testing deferred'->
    Given -> @t =
    Then.after 1500'so much time has passed'-> - @t >= 1500
describe 'Testing async'->
    Given -> @subject = new User()
    Then 'save user'(done) ->;

Run tests

Global installation of mocha

If you have mocha installed globally you need to install mocha-given globally as well.

$ npm install -g mocha mocha-given

Then you can run your tests by setting the interface of mocha to mocha-given

$ mocha -u mocha-given --compilers coffee:coffee-script -R spec

Local installation of mocha

If you have installed mocha and mocha-given locally

$ npm install mocha-given coffee-script

you have to call the mocha binary directly:

$ ./node_modules/.bin/mocha -u mocha-given --compilers coffee:coffee-script -R spec

Run mocha-given tests & start contributing

To run the mocha-given tests for developing, it has to be symlinked into the node_modules folder to enable mocha to resolve mocha-given.

Therefore run the script:

$ npm run link

Afterwards mocha has to be installed with $ npm install mocha.

Now you can run the tests using $ npm tests and start contributing.

Run tests programmatically

var Mocha = require('mocha');
var fs    = require('fs');
var path  = require('path');
// require mocha-given after Mocha is set 
// the directory with your tests/specs 
var testDir = 'tests';
// First, you need to instantiate a Mocha instance. 
var mocha = new Mocha({
    ui: 'mocha-given',
    reporter: 'spec'
// Get test files 
    // allow javascript and coffescript files 
    return file.match(/\.(coffee|js)$/);
        path.join(testDir, file)
// Now, you can run the tests.{
  process.on('exit', function () {

Run from command line (with mocha and mocha-given installed):

$ node runtests.js


Thanks to SinnerSchrader for their support and the time to work on this project.