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    The module is a replacement for mocha runner that allows to specify patterns and directories in the Jetbrains (webstorm, pycharms, intellij, ...) Mocha Debug Configuration.

    This is a fix for Jetbrains issue WEB-10067 Run a single Mocha unit-test

    How to use it

    Install this package next to mocha and use /path/to/node_modules/mocha-for-jetbrains instead of /path/to/node_modules/mocha into the Mocha Package field.

    Just add the patterns and directories you wan to test as first arguments in the Extra Mocha Options options.

    If you add Extra Mocha Options into the Extra Mocha Options field

    **/*.node.test.js foo/special-test.js

    It will run the specified tests instead of all tests with the specified patterns.

    If you want to specify some additional options, you have to do it after the patterns:

    **/*.node.test.js foo/special-test.js --slow 500   

    This module essentially takes all arguments before the first option that starts with a - and adds them to the end of the command line. If no files are given, then ist uses the directory specified in the Test Directory field.


    Install the module next to the mocha installation. So, if you have installed

    npm install -g mocha

    then you have to install this module globally:

    npm install -g mocha-for-jetbrains

    If you have installed mocha locally, then you have to install this module locally too:

    npm install mocha --save-dev

    then you have to install it locally too:

    npm install mocha-for-jetbrains --save-dev

    How to specify another mocha runtime

    If you want to use another mocha instance instead of the one next to this module you can specify the mocha to use with the --mocha in the Extra Mocha Options field. It uses the same convention that is used in the Mocha Pakage field in the Mocha Debug Configuration dialog.


    npm i mocha-for-jetbrains

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