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What is it?

Gherkin-Cucumber syntax add-on for mocha javascript/node test framework for customer acceptance testing.

Provides high-level/functional/acceptance test organization lingo, using 'Feature', Stories, 'Scenarios', 'Given/Then/When'.

Mocha-Cakes Pretty Output

Mocha-Cakes Commands Breakdown

Mocha-Cakes extends Mocha, by adding on helpful commands and print-outs for Acceptance Tests. (Given, When, Then, etc.)

Acceptance Tests

Feature, Scenario (maps to describe)

Given, When, Then (maps to it, but if first message argument is ommited, it'll be a describe)

And, But, I (maps to it but if first message argument is ommited, it'll be a describe)


GWTab commands can map to a describe if the message argument is ommited.

  Given 'I am at home'->  # it's an it 
    home.should.eql 'home'
  Given ->  # it's a describe 
    it 'is dark'->
      outside.should.eql 'dark'

Grey-Box, System Tests

System (if it has a message it'll be an it, if not it'll be a describe with System label, useful for testing (grey box) system resources, database, not directly observable by Customer etc.)

Given ->
  System 'Logged Out'->
Then ->
  System ->
    it 'should log in'->

Pretty Commands for Specs/Unit Tests

Describe (maps to describe used for things like filenames)

Describe 'lib/'  # filename 
  describe '+copy()'->
    it 'should copy files...'->


Mocha-Cakes 0.7 added the I command, to do things like:

Given ->
  I 'have a test', ->
  And 'I have another', ->
Then ->
  I 'should be good', ->
  But 'make sure I am also', ->



require 'mocha-cakes'
Feature "New Feature",
  "In order to use cool feature",
  "as a new user",
  "I want do include this"->
    Scenario "Singing"->
      voice = null
      Given "I am a good singing"->
      When "I sing"->
        voice = 'good'
      Then "it should sound good"->
        it 'sound good'->
          voice.should.eql 'good'

Run this test using mocha command:

mocha -R spec -r should

What's going on?

Mocha-cakes gives you access to function names

"Feature", "Scenario" that wraps around mocha's describe().

"Given", "When", "Then", "And", "But" wraps around mocha's it().

Also bonus, "Describe" wraps around mocha's describe() also, that could be used at the start of spec files. It prints out in bolded blue header with -R Spec.

So the above would output something like:

  Feature: New Feature 
  In order to use cool feature
  as a new user
  I want do include this
    Scenario: Singing
      ✓ Given: I am a good singing
      ✓ When: I sing
      ✓ Then: it should sound good
        ✓ sound good  
  ✔ 1 tests complete (3ms)

How to Use

Mocha-Cakes provides GWT commands to mocha, and pretty prints it.

To use just:

  1. require 'mocha-cakes'

Then you will have access to the mocha-cakes commands Feature, Scenario, Given, When, Then, etc.

Also to see the pretty output, use the spec reporter

mocha -R spec -r mocha-cakes

Note: You can use mocha-cakes with plain javascript.


require 'mocha-cakes'
Feature "Big Buttons",
  "As a user",
  "I want big buttons",
  "So it'll be easier to use"->
    Scenario "On Homepage"->
      Given "I am a new user"->
      When "I go to homepage"->
      And "I scroll down"->
      Then "I see big buttons"->
      But "no small text"->
      Given ->  # Previous 
      When "I scroll down more"->
      And "I reach end of page"->
      Then "all I see is big buttons"->
      Describe ''->
    Scenario false'Skip Me'->

* Remember, they're all either describe()'s or it()

Mix & Match

Also you could still mix-in regular mocha syntax

Feature "Mix & Match" ->
  Scenario 'Mix-in Mocha', ->
    Given "I'm using Cakes", ->
    Then ->
      describe 'Also using regular mocha', ->
        I 'should be able to do this', ->
        it 'should work too', ->


The WHY behind TDD/BDD and the HOW with RSpec

Use it


cd my_project
npm -d install mocha-cakes

Mocha Reporter Support

Mocha-Cakes was developed with the -R spec in mind.

You can use Mocha-Cakes also with the -R doc reporter.

All other reporters should function, but have not been tested.

If you have any questions, issues or comments, please leave them on mocha-cakes' github.


*Special Thanks* to TJ Holowaychuk for Mocha, awesome test framework.