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Bamboo Reporter for Mocha on Node.js

Designed to integrate with Atlassian Bamboo's Node.js plugin


mocha -R mocha-bamboo-reporter

Integrating mocha & bamboo with mocha-bamboo-reporter

Download and install the Node.js Bamboo Plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace from inside your Bamboo installation. (Note that this is not yet supported for onDemand installations)

Then, in your package.json file, add a devDependency for "mocha-bamboo-reporter", and a script "bamboo" as outlined below...


"devDependencies": {
    "mocha": ">=1.8.1",
    "mocha-bamboo-reporter": "*"

"scripts": {
    "bamboo": "node node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha -R mocha-bamboo-reporter"
  • In Bamboo, create an "npm task" with command run-script bamboo
  • Then, in Bamboo add a "Parse mocha results" task which runs afterwards to parse the results from mocha
  • If you don't do a full checkout on each build, make sure you add a task to delete mocha.json BEFORE the npm run-script bamboo task (a simple script task that runs rm -f mocha.json should do the trick)


To run your Mocha tests without modifying your package.json you can simply do the following in Bamboo:

  • Add a "npm" task with command install mocha-bamboo-reporter
  • Add a "Node.js" task with script node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha and arguments --reporter mocha-bamboo-reporter, along with any other arguments you want to pass to Mocha
  • To overwrite default output to mocha.json in current directory, add option --reporter-options output=/path/to/output.json
  • You'll still need to run a "Parse mocha results" task, and ensure you don't use an old mocha.json