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Mobx-State-Tree Persist

Easily persist and rehydrate your MobX-State-Tree data stores.


Configure which nodes from data tree should be persisted and use the persist API. Each node can be individually configured:


const BearModel = types.model('bear')
    number: types.optional(types.number, 0)

const FishModel = types.model('fish')
    number: types.optional(types.number, 0)

const RootModel = types.model('root')
    fish: FishModel,
    bear: BearModel,

const rootStore = RootModel.create({
  fish: {},
  bear: {},

const persistStore = persist([
  [rootStore.bear, {key: "bear", storage: AsyncStorage}],
  [, {key: "fish", storage: AsyncStorage}],


The call to persist returns a state tree node in intself that can obvserved in any component. The node contains a isRehydrated computed value that flips to true once each configured store has had a chance to load data.

// Example in React
import {observer} from 'mobx-react-lite';

const App = observer(() => {

  // return 'null' until store rehydrated
  if (!persistStore.isRehydrated) {
    return null;

  return (
    // app content


option Description
key required - key which the data is stored within the Storage Engine.
storage required - Storage Engine the node is saved within. Any engine can be used that implements the Storage Interface
delay optional - delay timeout in ms before data should be written out to Storage Engine. Default value: 0
whitelist optional - configure which keys from the snapshot should be persisted. Default: all keys.

Storage Interface

Any Storage Engine may be used that implements the following interface:

export type Storage = {
  getItem: (key: string) => Promise<string | null | undefined>;
  setItem: (key: string, data: string) => Promise<void>;

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