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    Mobx Preact Lite

    This is an adaptation of the observer module (including all relevant tests) from Mobx Preact, made specifically for Preact with some features stripped out:

    • Dev tools integration
    • Error reporting
    • Render reporting

    Provider/inject features are also not implemented (yet).

    If you would like to use this module with any of these missing features re-integrated, please create an issue or PR.


    npm install mobx-preact-lite --save
    import {observer} from 'mobx-preact-lite';

    API documentation

    Docs are adapted from Mobx Preact


    Function (and decorator) that converts a Preact component class or stand-alone render function into a reactive component, which tracks which observables are used by render and automatically re-renders the component when one of these values changes. See the MobX documentation for more details.

    import {observer} from "mobx-preact-lite";
    // ---- ES5 syntax ----
    const TodoView = observer(React.createClass({
        displayName: "TodoView",
        render() {
            return <div>{this.props.todo.title}</div>
    // ---- ES6 syntax ----
    const TodoView  = observer(class TodoView extends React.Component {
        render() {
            return <div>{this.props.todo.title}</div>
    // ---- ESNext syntax with decorators ----
    @observer class TodoView extends React.Component {
        render() {
            return <div>{this.props.todo.title}</div>
    // ---- or just use a stateless component function: ----
    const TodoView = observer(({todo}) => <div>{todo.title}</div>)


    Observer is a Preact component, which applies observer to an anonymous region in your component. It takes as children a single, argumentless function which should return exactly one React component. The rendering in the function will be tracked and automatically re-rendered when needed. This can come in handy when needing to pass render function to external components (for example the React Native listview), or if you dislike the observer decorator / function.


    class App extends Component {
      render() {
         return (
                    {() => <div>{}</div>}
    const person = observable({ name: "John" })
    React.render(<App person={person} />, document.body) = "Mike" // will cause the Observer region to re-render

    Server Side Rendering with useStaticRendering

    When using server side rendering, normal lifecycle hooks of PReact components are not fired, as the components are rendered only once. Since components are never unmounted, observer components would in this case leak memory when being rendered server side. To avoid leaking memory, call useStaticRendering(true) when using server side rendering. This makes sure the component won't try to react to any future data changes.


    npm i mobx-preact-lite

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