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node port of google-mobwrite


This is a node port of google-mobwrite, which enables live collaborative editing of text (e.g. in forms).

Getting Started

  1. Ensure you have the system requirements:
    • node 0.6+
    • Python 2.5+
  2. Install via npm: npm install mobwrite
  3. Start up a demo server: node -e "require('mobwrite').quickserve()
  4. Visit http://localhost:8000 in two browser windows
  5. Type text in one browser window, and see it show up in the other window :)

Building Your Own App

Take a look at "examples/form-editor" for an idea of how to build your own app. You can use the mobwrite module as middleware for any Connect or ExpressJS app.


If google-mobwrite changes, you can update the internal copy by re-exporting the SVN repository:

rm -rf ext/google-mobwrite
svn export ext/google-mobwrite


  • gateway (cleaner, less polling)
  • configuration handling for mobwrite daemon (right now it uses baked-in configs)