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    Mobile Locator

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    Get geolocation from cell tower information.

    Currently, the following APIs are implemented:


    api(name, options)

    Create the location engine by given name and options.

    Name Options
    cellocation system(optional): Coordinate system: wgs84(Default), gcj02, bd09.
    google key: Google API key
    gpsspg key: GPSspg API key,
    oid: GPSspg OID,
    system(optional): Coordinate system: 0:wgs84_(Default)_; 1:gcj02; 2:bd09; 3:QQ Maps; 4:MapBar
    haoservice key: HaoService API key,
    system(optional): Coordinate system: 0: gcj02; 1:bd09; 2:wgs84_(Default)_
    mozilla key: Mozilla API key
    mylnikov data(optional): open: Use open source data.
    opencellid key: OpenCellID API key
    unwiredlabs token: UnwiredLabs Location API token
    yandex key: Yandex API key

    Besides the above engine-specific options, more general options are also available:

    • verbose: Print more debug information if verbose is true;
    • timeout: Set the timeout value in milliseconds. There is no timeout by default.

    The returned value is a locate() function, which will be described in the next section.


    info should contain cell information, including mnc, mcc, lac and cid.

    The function will return a promise, which will return the location from given geolocation service.

    location is an object contains following properties:

    Property Description
    longitude Longitude
    latitude Latitude
    accuracy The accuracy range of the given position
    address(optional) For some API, this property contains the human readable address line.


    const api = require('mobile-locator');
    const locate = api('google', { key: YOUR_GOOGLE_API_KEY });
    locate({ mcc: 460, mnc: 0, lac: 4219, cid: 20925 })
      .then(location => console.log(JSON.stringify(location, null, 2)));

    The output would be:

      longitude: 116.46679499999998,
      latitude: 39.9910226,
      accuracy: 606

    Command-line Interface


    $ mobile-locator -h
    Usage: mobile-locator [options]
    Locate geolocation information based on Cell base station data
      -h, --help                   output usage information
      -V, --version                output the version number
      -c, --cell <cell>            Cell tower base station information in format "MCC,MNC,LAC,CID""-c 460,0,4219,20925"
      -e, --engine <engine>        Geolocation service engine. {cellocation, google, gpsspg, haoservice, mozilla, mylnikov, opencellid, unwiredlabs, yandex}. Default: google
      -a, --arguments <arguments>  Arguments for geolocation engine. e.g. "key:XXX,oid:123".
      -m, --map <map>              Map service. {google, bing, openstreetmap,,, baidu}.
      -v, --verbose                Verbose output.
      $ mobile-locator -a "key:XXX" -c 460,0,4219,20925
      $ mobile-locator -e cellocation -a "system:bd09" -m baidu -c 460,0,4219,20925

    By default, the Google Geolocation engine will be used.

    $ mobile-locator -a "key:GOOGLE_API_KEY" -c 460,0,4219,20925

    With verbose option:

    $ mobile-locator -a "key:AIzaSyAL2sfTLqUv9Rb3ercbtuu__PG2pS_4eDo" -c 460,0,4219,20925 -v
    Geolocation engine: "google"
    Cell: {"mcc":"460","mnc":"0","lac":"4219","cid":"20925"}
    Location: {"longitude":116.46679499999998,"latitude":39.9910226,"accuracy":606}

    More complex example:

    • Use cellocation engine;
    • Choose bd09 coordinate system;
    • Show Baidu map url for given coordinate;
    • Verbose output.
    $ mobile-locator -e cellocation -a 'system:bd09' -m baidu -v -c 460,0,4219,20925
    Geolocation engine: "cellocation"
    Cell: {"mcc":"460","mnc":"0","lac":"4219","cid":"20925"}
    Location: {"longitude":"116.479653","latitude":"39.997967","accuracy":"100","address":"北京市朝阳区望京街道望京园402号楼;广顺南大街与阜安西路路口东北109米"}
    Map url:,116.479653&title=_&content=北京市朝阳区望京街道望京园402号楼;广顺南大街与阜安西路路口东北109米&output=html&autoOpen=true


    npm i mobile-locator

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