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Bugsy is a command-line interface (CLI) tool that provides automatic security vulnerability remediation for your code. It is the community edition version of Mobb, the first vendor-agnostic automatic security vulnerability remediation tool. Bugsy is designed to help developers easily identify and fix security vulnerabilities in their code.

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What is Mobb?

Mobb is the first vendor-agnostic automatic security vulnerability remediation tool. It ingests SAST results from Checkmarx, GitHub Advanced Security, and Snyk and produces code fixes for developers to review and commit to their code.

What does Bugsy do?

  • Uses Snyk CLI tool to run a SAST analysis on a given open-source GitHub repo
  • Analyzes the vulnerability report to identify issues that can be remediated automatically
  • Produces the code fixes and redirects the user to the fix report page on the Mobb platform


This is a community edition version that only analyzes public GitHub repositories. Snyk CLI is used to produce a SAST vulnerability report.

  • Only Java projects are supported at the moment.
  • Only SQLi, CMDi, XSS, XXE, and Path Traversal are currently supported.


You can use Bugsy from the command line. To evaluate and remediate a new open-source repository, you can run the following command:

npx mobbdev

Bugsy will automatically generate a fix for each supported vulnerability identified in the SAST results, present it to developers for review and commit to their code.

Getting support

If you need support using Bugsy or just want to share your thoughts and learn more, you are more than welcome to join our discord server




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