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$PAGER abstraction for node


a pager for nodejs.

Look, I'm not happy about this either. The problem is that there isn't a good way to page data cross platform. Also, I don't know how your $PAGER works, or if it's going to be okay with the data I'd like to give it.

Thus, I present moar. It will (eventually) support most of the features less supports. But instead of being written in C, it's written in javascript so we can all hack on it and have fun with it and benefit from the awesome cross platform ansi-to-win32-console-api magic that the libuv folks have slaved over.

Look, I tried to get this to work for a while. Trust me, it wasn't my first instinct to re-implement $PAGER's functionality in javascript. But without using either a native module or internal node APIs, it's just not possible; and even with the internal APIs it's ugly (would probably have to hit a file first).