Mustache Marked Media - View Engine for Express 3


Mustache Marked Media - View Engine for Express 3, featuring Hogan.js


  • partials
  • layout
  • caching

npm install mmm

See example/app.js

Add to your app configuration

app.set('view engine', 'mmm');

And if you want caching...

app.enable('view cache'); // Express 3 will enable this by default for production environments

To set an app-wide layout...

app.set('layout', 'responsive-layout'); // will look for a layout named 'responsive-layout.mmm' in 'views' directory
app.render('page', // will look for a file named 'page.mmm' in the 'views' directory
           vars);  // vars is expected to be a hash that will be merged onto app.locals
// or for a response object (res)
res.render('page', vars); // vars will be merged onto res.locals and app.locals


app.locals.a = 1;
app.locals.b = 1;
app.locals.c = 1;
res.locals.a = 2;
res.locals.b = 2;
res.render('page', {a: 3});


{{a}} {{b}} {{c}}


3 2 1

A layout can be applied either to the entire application or at the call to render.

app.set('layout', 'test');

// or
app.render('page', { layout:'test2' });

// or
app.render('page', { layout:false }); // Turn off layout

Layout is implemented using partials. A layout should contain a partial named 'content'.

The content will go here --> {{> content}}

Partials may be explicitly set or automatically loaded from the file system.

app.set('partials', { header: '<h1>App Name</h1>' }); // Define partial at the app level

app.render('page', { partials: { menu: '<ul><li>item</li></ul>' } }); // Define partial at render




{{=<% %>=}}
This template will be included in page.mmm automatically if {{>footer}} is not otherwise resolved.