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tools for querying supported languages (ASR and TTS) and voices (TTS) by Nuance / Cerence Speech API

(internally uses mmir-plugin-lang-support)


In cordova module plugin code:

// use corodva's require with exported main module ID:
var langTools = require('mmir-plugin-speech-nuance-lang.languageSupport');

// or global export:
var langTools = window.cordova.plugins.nuanceLanguageSupport.languageSupport;


As AMD module:

// use async require (or specify as define-dependency):
require('mmir-plugin-speech-nuance-lang/dist/languageSupport', function(langTools){


As CommonJS module:

// use synchronous require:
var langTools = require('mmir-plugin-speech-nuance-lang').languageSupport;

// or "deep link":
var langTools = require('mmir-plugin-speech-nuance-lang/www/languageSupport');



Exported functions for querying supported ASR and TTS languages and voices.

/** get list of supported TTS language codes */
langTools.ttsLanguages(): string[];
/** get list of supported TTS voice details (filtered by language code / gender) */
langTools.ttsVoices(langCode?: string, gender?: Gender): LabeledVoiceDetails[];
/** get list of supported TTS voice names (filtered by language code / gender) */
langTools.ttsVoiceNames(langCode?: string, gender?: Gender): string[];
/** get best matching voice result (for language / gender: may return different gender and/or country code, if no matching voice is available) */
langTools.ttsBestVoiceFor(langCode: string, gender?: Gender): VoiceResult;
/** get list of supported ASR language codes */
langTools.asrLanguages(): string [];
/** get best matching voice (for language / gender: may return different gender and/or country code, if no matching voice is available) */
langTools.ttsSelectVoice(langCode: string, query?: Gender | string): LabeledVoiceDetails;

interface VoiceResult {
  voice: LabeledVoiceDetails;
  language: string;
  filter: string;

interface LabeledVoiceDetails {
  /** the name of the voice */
  name: string;
  /** a (human readable) label for the voice (if not available, returns same value as the name) */
  label: string;
  /** the language (code) of the voice */
  language: string;
  /** the gender of the voice */
  gender: "female" | "male" | "unknown";
  /** if voice is locally available or requires network/internet access */
  local: boolean | undefined;

Integration Notes

for usage in cordova-plugins, copy /dist (AMD), /www (CommonJS), or /src (TypeScript) to the appropriate location in plugin project, e.g. via the exported function

const installFiles = require('mmir-plugin-speech-nuance-lang/install');

installFiles(srcDirType: "dist" | "src" | "www", targetDir: string, callback(err: Error | null))

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