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mmap(2) bindings for node.js that work in 0.10


npm test
npm install -g


mmap = require("mmap")
buffer = mmap(n_bytes, protection, flags, fd, offset)
n_bytes The number of bytes to map into memory.
protection Memory protection: either mmap.PROT_NONE or a bitwise OR of mmap.PROT_READ, mmap.PROT_WRITE and mmap.PROT_EXEC.
flags Flags: either mmap.MAP_SHARED or mmap.MAP_PRIVATE.
fd File descriptor. You can also use a file name (string). When you do this, mmap() tries to do the right thing by creating or growing the file to n_bytes if necessary.
offset File offset. Must be either zero or a multiple of mmap.PAGESIZE.

While a finaliser is installed to automatically unmap buffer, you can force it to unmap immediately with:


You can also msync() by calling: buffer.sync([offset, [length, [flags]]]) method:

offset The start address to sync. This argument optional, the default is 0.
length The number of bytes to sync. This argument optional, the default is the entire buffer.
flags Flags: either mmap.MS_SYNC or mmap.MS_ASYNC optionally bitwise OR with mmap.MS_INVALIDATE. This argument is optional, the default is mmap.MS_SYNC.

For compatibility, is an alias for mmap()

See Also

  • POSIX 1003.1 mmap and msync
  • The example/ directory contains some sample uses of the mmap module
  • bnoordhuis/node-mmap, the original node-mmap, on which this is based.