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    Sections are intended to be used as rows within your email. They will be used to structure the layout.

        <mj-section full-width="full-width" background-color="red">
          <!-- Your columns go here -->

    try it live

    The full-width property will be used to manage the background width. By default, it will be 600px. With the full-width property on, it will be changed to 100%.

    Inverting the order in which columns display: set the `direction` attribute to `rtl` to change the order in which columns display on desktop. Because MJML is mobile-first, structure the columns in the order you want them to stack on mobile, and use `direction` to change the order they display on desktop. Sections cannot be nested into sections. Also, any content in a section should also be wrapped in a column.
    attribute unit description default value
    background-color color section color n/a
    background-repeat string css background repeat repeat
    background-size percent/px css background size auto
    background-url url background url n/a
    border string css border format none
    border-bottom string css border format n/a
    border-left string css border format n/a
    border-radius px border radius n/a
    border-right string css border format n/a
    border-top string css border format n/a
    css-class string class name, added to the root HTML element created n/a
    direction string ltr / rtl ltr
    full-width string make the section full-width n/a
    padding px supports up to 4 parameters 20px 0
    padding-bottom px section bottom offset n/a
    padding-left px section left offset n/a
    padding-right px section right offset n/a
    padding-top px section top offset n/a
    text-align string css text-align center
    vertical-align string css vertical-align top




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