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A command line tool for exporting Mixpanel profile data.

You can filter by an email address, a state abbreviation, or specify any other property.

Basic Use

Export every profile in your account:


By default, the output file will be at exports/all.csv. Please be aware, this may not work on accounts with a serious amount of people profiles.

Export a single profile in CSV format:


Export all profiles from Missouri in JSON format:

mixport MO -j

By default, the output file will be at: exports/{prop_val}.csv. So, exporting for "MO" would create export/MO.csv.

Additional Options

-p property to filter by

-j json format

-o override the output folder

-f override the output filename

More Examples:

node mixport.js -p '$city' 'Saint Louis' -o cities -j

exports: cities/SaintLouis.json

Getting Started

Put your Mixpanel API key & secret in ~/.bash_rc or ~/.zshrc:

    #### Mixpanel
    export MIXPANEL_KEY="{put key here}"
    export MIXPANEL_SECRET="{put key secret}"


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