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A class for faking multiple inheritance in Coffeescript using mixins. Mixmaster also provides a function (construct) for running the constructors of all your mixin classes.

To make a Mixmastered class:

class Translator extends Mixmaster
  mixins = [
  @include mixins

  constructor: ->
    Mixmaster.construct mixins

linguist = new Translator

That's it!

The mixin classes and the results are below.

You can inherit from basic classes.

class German 
  constructor: (worldNews) ->
    worldNews.germany = 'good news'

  german: -> console.log 'Guten tag.'
  greeting: -> console.log 'Hallo.'

You can see Mixmaster.construct is called above with an args... splat. This is so your parent classes will receive any extra parameters they might need:

class Japanese
  constructor: (worldNews, weather) ->
    worldNews.japan = {
      news: 'bad news'
      weather: weather

  japanese: -> console.log 'こんにちは'

You can override methods found in other inherited clases by adding the class later in the mixin array. As long as you are running Mixmaster.construct in your constructors you can also inherit from other Mixmaster classes:

class LinguistJargon
  writePaper: -> console.log 'My paper is on ...jargon jargon...'

class English extends Mixmaster
  mixins = [LinguistJargon]
  @include mixins

  greeting: -> console.log "Hi!"

Instantiate as normal...

worldNews = {}
weather = 'great'
linguist = new Translator worldNews, weather

...and away you go!

linguist.german() # Guten Tag
linguist.japanese() # こんにちは
linguist.writePaper() # My paper is on ...jargon jargon...
linguist.greeting() # Hi!
console.log worldNews # { germany: 'good news',
                      #   japan: { news: 'bad news', weather: 'great' } }