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Mixed bag bundle size

Mixed Bag - Tiny 5kb Lodash alternative

Lodash is an amazing utility library for JavaScript, but with recent additions to the ECMAScript much of it can be replaced with vanilla features. This library aims to be a thinner alternative with modern browsers in mind.

Note: This library hasn't been battle tested yet. Help us test it out.

Supported functions:

  • _.at
  • _.camelCase
  • _.capitalize
  • _.castArray
  • chain (a bloat-free alternative to _.chain - https://dev.to/munawwar/lodash-chaining-revisited-1c5d)
  • _.chunk
  • _.clamp
  • _.clone
  • _.cloneDeep
  • _.compact
  • _.countBy
  • _.defaults (only considers own properties)
  • _.defaultsDeep (only considers own properties)
  • _.defaultTo
  • _.difference
  • _.differenceBy
  • _.every
  • _.find
  • _.findIndex
  • _.findLast
  • _.findLastIndex
  • _.filter
  • _.flatten
  • _.flatMap
  • _.flow
  • _.forEach
  • _.get
  • _.groupBy
  • _.has
  • _.identity
  • _.inRange
  • _.intersection
  • _.intersectionBy
  • _.invert
  • _.invertBy
  • _.isInteger
  • _.isObject
  • _.isObjectLike
  • _.isPlainObject
  • _.isString
  • _.isSymbol
  • _.isTypedArray
  • _.isEmpty
  • _.isEqual
  • _.isNil
  • _.isNumber
  • _.isUndefined
  • _.kebabCase
  • _.keyBy
  • _.last
  • _.lowerCase
  • _.lowerFirst
  • _.map
  • _.escape
  • _.maxBy
  • _.mean
  • _.meanBy
  • _.minBy
  • _.mapKeys
  • _.mapValues
  • _.merge
  • _.omit
  • _.omitBy
  • _.once
  • _.orderBy
  • _.partition
  • _.pick
  • _.pickBy
  • _.range
  • _.reject
  • _.reverse
  • _.set
  • _.snakeCase
  • _.some
  • _.sortBy
  • _.startCase
  • _.sum
  • _.sumBy
  • _.toArray
  • _.unescape
  • _.union
  • _.unionBy
  • _.uniq
  • _.uniqBy
  • _.uniqWith
  • _.uniqueId
  • _.upperCase
  • _.upperFirst
  • _.unset
  • _.without
  • _.xor
  • _.xorBy

How to use chain?

Here is an example to convert lodash syntax into chain util syntax:

// Lodash
import * as _ from 'lodash-es'
  .map(x => [x, x*2])
  .sortBy(x => x)
// chain util
import { chain, map, flatten, sortBy } from 'mixed-bag'
  .fn(map, x => [x, x*2])
  .fn(sortBy, x => x)

Differences from lodash

  • Assumes browser/runtime can run ES2020
  • Mostly only handles null and undefined. Does not try to handle NaN or 0 vs -0.
  • Makes limited attempts (or none) to coerce types. Does not coerce "array-like" objects into arrays.
  • "Collection" functions (like map, difference etc) cannot be used on objects. A "collection" is just arrays.


npm install mixed-bag
# or via yarn
yarn add mixed-bag


MIT, see the LICENSE file


This project was forked from smoldash

Function that will not be implemented because of close native alternative:

_.add (use + sign)
_.ary (use arrow function)
_.assign (Object.assign)
_.bind (Use Function.bind or arrow function)
_.concat (arr.concat)
_.constant (already short to write `() => c`)
_.defer (Use setTimeout with delay 1 ms)
_.delay (Use setTimeout)
_.divide (use / sign)
_.drop (arr.slice(n))
_.dropRight (arr.slice(0, -n))
_.endsWith (string.endsWith)
_.head, _.first (arr[0])
_.fill (array.fill)
_.fromPairs (Object.fromEntries)
_.indexOf (arr.indexOf)
_.initial (arr.slice(0, -1))
_.includes (arr.includes)
_.isArray (Array.isArray)
_.isBoolean (typeof x === 'boolean' is good enough vs lodash's implementation)
_.isBuffer (Buffer.isBuffer)
_.isDate (x instanceof Date)
_.isError (`x instanceof Error` is close enough)
_.isFinite (Number.isFinite)
_.isFunction (typoef x === 'function')
_.isMap (x instanceof Map)
_.isNaN (isNaN or Number.isNaN)
_.isNull (x === null)
_.isNumber (typeof x === 'number')
_.isRegExp (x instanceof RegExp)
_.isSet (x instanceof Set)
_.isWeakMap ()
_.join (arr.join)
_.lastIndexOf (arr.lastIndexOf)
_.max (use Math.max(...args))
_.min (use Math.min(...args))
_.multiply (use * sign)
_.negate (already short to write (...args) => !func(...args))
_.now (Date.now())
_.toUpper (string.toUpperCase)
_.padEnd (string.padEnd)
_.padStart (string.padStart)
_.parseInt (global parseInt or Number.parseInt)
_.repeat (string.repeat)
_.replace (string.replace)
_.rest (Use function.call())
_.spread (Use function.apply())
_.slice (arr.slice)
_.split (string.split)
_.startsWith (string.startsWith)
_.stubArray (already short to write `() => []`)
_.stubFalse (already short to write `() => false`)
_.stubObject (already short to write `() => ({})`)
_.stubString (already short to write `() => ''`)
_.stubTrue (already short to write `() => true`)
_.subtract (use - sign)
_.tail (arr.slice(1))
_.take (arr.slice(0, n))
_.takeRight (arr.slice(-n))
_.toLower (string.toLowerCase)
_.trim (string.trim())
_.trimEnd (string.trimEnd())
_.trimStart (string.trimStart())
_.template (use template literals)

Functions not going to implemented for other reasons

_ and _.chain (bloated. will provide alternative)
_.tap, _.thru (obsoleted by chain alternative)
_.bindKey (too niche use case)
_.isElement (there isn't a sure way of detecting elements in DOM-like environments like jsdom without access to window object)
_.isNative (lodash has a note saying core-js package will not allow this to work properly)
_.debounce (too big implementation. You can use https://github.com/angus-c/just/blob/master/packages/function-debounce)
_.throttle (too big implementation. You can use https://github.com/angus-c/just/blob/master/packages/function-throttle)
_.sample (too specialized for a general util library)
_.sampleSize (too specialized for a general util library)
_.shuffle (too specialized for a general util library. You can use https://github.com/angus-c/just/tree/master/packages/array-shuffle if needed)

Functions undecided:


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