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npm install mixcloud

A work-in-progress Mixcloud API Client. We welcome pull requests to implement additional features.


At present, features in this client are being developed as to that which (the project sponsor) are requiring. At present, those features are:

  • Fetching a given users cloudcasts (GET /<user>/cloudcasts)
  • Fetching a given cloudcasts (GET /<user>/<cloudcast_key>)
  • Editing a cloudcast (
  • Uploading a cloudcast (


var mixcloud = require('mixcloud');

All methods throw either an Error in the case of bad options, or, return a promise that is either resolved or rejected.

Pagination Objects

A pagination object is an object with two methods next and previous, these can be null if it is not possible to paginate past the current point. Calling either next or previous will result in a new response Promise.

Rate Limits

In the case that Mixcloud rate limit your access, the promise will be rejected with an Error object with the following setup:

    name: "RateLimited",
    message: "<some rate limit message>",
    payload: {
      retry_after: <number of seconds>,
      retry: Function

For example, to handle errors, you might write some code that looks like:

  mixcloud.cloudcasts('ntsradio').then(handleSuccess, handleError);

  function handleError(error) {
    if( === "RateLimited"){
        error.payload.retry().then(handleSuccess, handleError);
      }, error.payload.retry_after * 1000);


    // Handle other errors

Fetch the cloudcasts for a user

// Fetch ntsradio's cloudcasts with the default limits and pagination
promise = mixcloud.cloudcasts('ntsradio')

// Fetch ntsradio's cloudcasts, but limit to 100 results per page (maximum)
promise = mixcloud.cloudcasts('ntsradio', { limit: 100 })

// Fetch ntsradio's cloudcasts since a given date (July 1st at midnight)
promise = mixcloud.cloudcasts('ntsradio', { since: new Date(2014, 06, 01, 00, 00, 00) })

// Fetch ntsradio's cloudcasts until a given date
promise = mixcloud.cloudcasts('ntsradio', { until: new Date(2014, 06, 01, 00, 00, 00) })

In the above promise should resolve to an object where the results are on the results key, with a Pagination Object at the pagination key.

Fetch an individual cloudcast

promise = mixcloud.cloudcast('/NTSRadio/knee-deep-26th-august-2014/')

// OR

promise = mixcloud.cloudcast('NTSRadio', 'knee-deep-26th-august-2014')




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