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    Mitro CLI is a better command line interface client for Mitro password manager.


    You can easily install this tool using NPM:

    npm install -g mitro-cli

    Once installed you can invoke the mitro command from your terminal:



    If no command is provided Mitro CLI will start in interactive mode, in this mode you are guided through some simple menus to access your stored data. This is the equivalent of running mitro browse.


    In order to interact with Mitro servers you will need to provide your user id and password. If those are not provided the interface will ask you for it anytime you try to execute a command.

    Example using username/password as command line arguments

    mitro list --uid --password mypassword

    Creating a ~/.mitro-clirc file

    Alternatively, you can create a .mitro-clirc file inside your $HOME directory and declare all your options there using json format.

      "uid": ""

    You could also add your password to the .mitro-clirc file but storing your master password as plain text is certainly not a great idea.


    Running only the mitro command from the terminal brings you into the interactive mode, where you will be guided through some simple menus to access your stored data.

    A set of commands is also available to interact with the mitro server:

    • mitro browse Starts the CLI interactive mode, using an interface to navigate through your Mitro data
    • mitro list List all your secrets and groups
    • mitro listsecrets List all your secrets
    • mitro listgroups List all your groups
    • mitro show SECRET_ID Shows the content of a secret, you can find SECRET_ID using one of the list commands above

    Why creating another cli for Mitro?

    I was in the search of an open-source password manager for a long time. Naturally, as soon as I heard the news about Mitro open-sourcing all their code, I jumped right in to try it but I was disapointed with the state of the available cli tool - one of my most wanted features.

    What you find in this repository is the effort to have an user-friendly command line interface for managing your passwords.


    Copyright (c) 2014 Ruy Adorno. Licensed under the MIT license.


    npm i mitro-cli

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