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Mithril Redux

This package provides utilites for working with Redux within a Mithril application. Similar to react-redux.

It doesn't alter the redrawing functionality of Mithril, other than providing some basic middleware below. It does not subscribe to the Redux store. It generally allows you to continue to work with Mithril as normal, except with replacing your models with the store.

See for a sample useage.

It does not rely on you using the mjsx Babel plugin.


Install with:

npm install --save mithril-redux

Unfortunately there isn't a UMD version available at this time.


Provider.init(store, mithril, component)

When you are mounting your app, you should call this function to initialize the link between your store and Mithril.

The parameters are the Redux store, then the mithril (m) object, and then an optional mithril component. If the component is a function is it instantiated and returned, otherwise it is returned as-is.


import m from 'mithril';
import {Provider} from 'mithril-redux';
import configStore from './store';
import Root from './root';
const store = configStore({name: 'World', age: 30});
m.mount(document.body, Provider.init(store, m, Root));

connect(selector, actions)(component)

Used to turn your Mithril components into Redux-aware Mithril components. Works similar to connect from react-redux.

  • selector - A function which maps the full state to the parts needed.
  • actions - An object listing action creators to be injected into the controller. Or, a function which returns the said object map.
  • component - The Mithril component to connect.


import {connect} from 'mithril-redux';
import {incrementAge, decrementAge, resetAge} from './actions';
class _AgeBox {
  view(ctrl, {age}) {
    return m('div', [
        m('span', 'Age: ' + age),
        m('button', {onclick: ctrl.dec()}, 'Younger'),
        m('button', {onclick:}, 'Older'),
        m('button', {onclick: ctrl.reset()}, 'Reset')
export const AgeBox = connect((state) => ({age: state.age}), {
  inc: incrementAge,
  dec: decrementAge,
  reset: resetAge

It is worth noting that the action creators exposed on the controller are actually action creator factories. Any parameters you pass in during view creation will be prepended to those passed when the action creator is eventually invoked.

For example, in the code above, if you had ctrl.reset('Hello'), then the resetAge action creator would be called with 'Hello' as the first param and the event object as the second.

Also, the store's dispatch function is also passed to the props of the view in case necessary.


Adds the ability for actions to specify that they need to cause a redraw. Useful for anything async where Mithril doesn't naturally redraw. This library does not subscribe to the store.

Trigger it by setting the redraw property on the action to true;

Example (Setup)

import { createStore, applyMiddleware } from 'redux';
import { redrawMiddleware } from 'mithril-redux';
import rootReducer from './reducers';
export default function configureStore(initialState) {
  const createModifiedStore = applyMiddleware(
  return createModifiedStore(rootReducer, initialState);

Future Work (possibly separate packages)

  • Integrate with m.request to get data into the store.
  • Create some sort of middleware for promises which calls m.startComputation/m.endComputation
  • Integrate with m.route for params and potentially more.



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