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    Device Plugins for [thing-it-node] and for weather via the ( weather service.

    User Interface

    This example shows the weather device UI together with the UI of a Z-Wave indoor sensor for temperature, humidity, and light in a wine cellar. It allows to see how outside weather influences the wine cellar currently.


    Dashboarding capabilities at allow to generate charts that correlate outside weather data with any other sensor or actor. With that combination a variety of interesting analytical questions can be answered:

    • What is the response of a room to the outside temperature? - With an ambient sensor like the one used above.
    • How does electricity usage get influenced by weather? - With the weather device and an energy meter.
    • How does soil moisture correlate to outside circumstances? - Combining weather and soil sensors.

    You can also trigger action based on weather data:

    • Send an alert to a user if the temperature is below freezing.
    • Turn on the irrigation if it hasn't rained for more than 48h.
    • Start a process to check the status of an outdoor device that was subject to very high heat.


    Configure the following parameters via [thing-it] Mobile or

    • City Name: The name of the city the weather should be retrieved for. Examples are 'Sydney' and 'Frankfurt am Main'.
    • Country Code: The country code (such as 'au' and 'de') for the country the city is in.
    • Language Code: The language code (such as 'en', 'de') for the result.
    • Units: Either 'metric' or 'imperial', default is 'metric'
    • Update Frequency Seconds: Time in seconds until [thing-it] requests the next weather update. This should typically be more than 10 minutes, so a value of 600 or higher.
    • Open Weather Map Key: They key you get after registering at (

    Where to go from here ...

    After completing the above, you may be interested in


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