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Missy MongoDB driver

PostgreSQL database driver for Missy.


Creating a Schema

Simple form:

var missy = require('missy').loadDriver('postgres')
var schema = new missy.Schema('postgres://localhost/test');

Full form with manual driver initialization:

var missy = require('missy').loadDriver('postgres'),
    pg = require('pg')
// Driver 
var driver = new MongodbDriver(function(){ // Custom connecter function 
    // A promise for a client 
    var client = new pg.Client('postgres://user:pass@host/database');
    return function(){
        return Q.nmcall(client, 'connect')
    ); // -> client 
// Schema 
var schema = new missy.Schema(driver);

Type Handlers

The driver redefines the following standard types:

  • 'object': is always JSON-encoded


In order to run the tests, you need to define the 'MISSY_POSTGRES` environment variable. The tests will work on the provided DB and clean-up the created tables afterwards:

$ MISSY_POSTGRES="postgres://user:pass@localhost/test" npm test