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The Missing CSS Stylesheet

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missing.css is the missing CSS library that we all wished existed. Add it to your website:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://the.missing.style">
  • It starts with decent default styling for vanilla HTML, akin to classless CSS libraries.
  • It offers a small set of components based on well-known, semantic markup patterns, with ARIA where appropriate.
  • Finally, it offers a small & curated set of utility classes and custom elements for bespoke elements and layouts.

The goal of missing.css is to reduce needed intervention in HTML. It lets authors

  • start with a good out-of-the-box experience,
  • customize it easily, even create multiple themes,
  • build common components using plain, semantic HTML,
  • create unique sites by applying utility classes as needed.

missing.css is not designed to be a complete styling solution for large websites. It may serve as a basis for a more completely styled site, but does not try to be as complete as Bootstrap or as versatile as Tailwind. It is, however, explicitly designed to be complete enough to use for small sites, internal tools or personal projects.

Missing.css, from Big Sky Software.

Also check out htmx and _hyperscript.



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