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A Miso Dataset FileSystem Importer for Node.js environments.


To install the importer extension, simply use NPM to install locally or globally, depending on your needs. It is recommended to install local to your project.

npm install miso.fs

To load the plugin into Miso.Dataset, simply use the load function as soon as you have access to the Miso object.

// Require the Miso Dataset package. 
var Miso = require("miso.dataset");
// Load in the Miso FS importer. 


To load in data from the filesystem simply make a Dataset and specify the importer and path location.

var ds = new Miso.Dataset({
  // Paths can be relative or absolute. 
  path: "/some/path/here",
  // Make sure you specify the filesystem importer. 
  importer: Miso.Importers.Filesystem