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Miso.Events is a small collection of methods that enables an object to publish events and allows others to subscribe to it.

To add it to your code, mix it in like so:

var yourObject = {};
_.extend(yourObject, Miso.Events);

If you have a constructor, make sure to extend the prototype:

var YourObject = function() {};
_.extend(YourObject.prototype, Miso.Events);



this.publish(name, *...)

Allows an evented object to publish/broadcast an event to its subscribers.


var myObject = function(){
  this.publish('initialized', 1, 2, 3);


anObject.subscribe(name, callback, options)

Allows one to subscribe to events events.

Options can include:

  • context - an alternate context rather than the object itself.
  • token - a Unique token by which the subscription is identified
  • priority - Allows rearranging the existing callbacks by priority.


var myObject = {};
_.extend(myObject, Miso.Events);
myObject.subscribe('greet', function() {
  console.log("say hi");

Subscribing Once

`anObject.subscribeOnce(name, callback, options);

When wanting to react to an event only the first time it triggers, use the subscribeOnce method. The rest of the parameters are identical to the subscribe ones.


Allows unsubscringing from a specific event.

myObject.unsubscribe(name, identifier)

The identifeir can be:

  • a callback
  • a token

You can omit the identifier to unsubscribe all events for a particular name.


To build Miso.Events you'll need npm, node.js's package management system and grunt

npm install

To build Miso.Events, call


from the project root.


Please submit an issue or find @iros (@ireneros on twitter) or @alexgraul.