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  • mkvmerge (optional, mkv output required)

! Minyami requires Node Active/Maintenance LTS latest or Current latest. Active LTS is recommended. Details here.

Make sure you had put the binary files into your system PATH.


npm -g i minyami or yarn global add minyami

Please also install the following extension to work with Minyami

  1. Install Chrome extension (recommended): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/minyami/cgejkofhdaffiifhcohjdbbheldkiaed (which is also open-sourced here)


     Commands                      Description                   Alias

     --help <command>              Show help documentation       -h
         <command>                 Show help of a specified comma
     --version                     Show version
     --download <input_path>       Download video                -d
         <input_path>              m3u8 file path
         --threads <limit>         Threads limit
             <limit>               (Optional) Limit of threads, defaults to 5
         --retries <limit>         Retry limit
             <limit>               (Optional) Limit of retry times
         --output, o <path>        Output path
             <path>                (Optional) Output file path, defaults to ./output.mkv
         --temp-dir <path>         Temporary file path
             <path>                (Optional) Temporary file path, defaults to env.TEMP
         --key <key>               Set key manually (Internal use)
             <key>                 (Optional) Key for decrypt video.
         --cookies <cookies>       Cookies used to download
         --headers, H <headers>    HTTP Header used to download
             <headers>             Custom header. eg. "User-Agent: xxxxx". This option will override --cookies.
         --live                    Download live
         --format <format_name>    (Optional) Set output format. default: ts
             <format_name>         Format name. ts or mkv.
         --proxy <proxy-server>    Use the specified HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5 proxy
             <proxy-server>        Set proxy in [protocol://<host>:<port>] format. eg. --proxy "".
         --slice <range>           Download specified part of the stream
             <range>               Set time range in [<hh:mm:ss>-<hh:mm:ss> format]. eg. --slice "45:00-53:00"
         --no-merge                Do not merge m3u8 chunks.
         --keep, k                 Keep temporary files.
         --keep-encrypted-chunks   Do not delete encrypted chunks after decryption.
         --chunk-naming-strategy   Temporary file naming strategy. Defaults to 1.
     --resume <input_path>         Resume a download. (Archive)  -r
         <input_path>              m3u8 file path
     --clean                       Clean cache files


     Options                       Description
     --verbose, debug              Debug output


Q: Should I keep the browser open when downloading?

A: It's not necessary.

Q: How to set proxy for Minyami?

A: You can use --proxy to set proxy server for Minyami. HTTP/SOCKS5 proxy are supported. Or you can use environment variables HTTP_PROXY/HTTPS_PROXY/ALL_PROXY to provide proxy configuration for Minyami.

Q: How to set temporary file location?

A: You can use environment variables to set the directory of temporary files. See Issue #80.

Q: How to set multiple HTTP headers?

A: By providing multiple -H/--headers option. For example, minyami -d xxxx -H "Cookie: xxxx" --headers "User-Agent: yyy".

Use as a library (3.1.0+)

import { ArchiveDownloader } from 'minyami';
import { LiveDownloader } from 'minyami';

Event: chunk-downloaded

  • currentChunkInfo <object> The information of the chunk which is just downloaded.

The 'chunk-downloaded' event is emitted when every media chunk is downloaded.

Event: chunk-error

  • error: Error

The 'chunk-error' event is emitted when failed to download or decrypt media chunks.

Event: downloaded

The 'downloaded' event is emitted after all chunks are downloaded but before starting merge.

Event: finished

The 'finished' event is emitted after all the works are done. CLI program exits after this event is emitted.

Event: merge-error

  • error: Error

The merge-error event is emitted when a merge progress is failed.

Event: critical-error

  • error: Error

The critical-error is emitted when a error that Minyami can't handle happens.


Minyami is developed with TypeScript. You need to install TypeScript Compiler before you start coding.

Install development dependencies

npm install -g typescript
git clone https://github.com/Last-Order/Minyami
cd Minyami
npm install

To build the project, just run tsc.


Open-sourced under GPLv3. © 2018-2023, Eridanus Sora, member of MeowSound Idols.




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